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Hello! Thank you very much for visiting our website. We are high school students in Toyama, Japan and made this website for you! Here are many kinds of information; regional information, Japanese high school life etc. Please check it out!

This website is one part of our school curriculum. We are very very happy for you to give us your impression of this website. We will use your E-mail for study material. Questions are always welcome.

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We introduce our prefecture, Toyama. Toyama prefecture has many beautiful places and unique events. We would be very happy if you could visit Toyama some day. Please take a look!
About Himi City in Toyama The Star Festival
Tateyama Peaks and Kuroyonn Dam and Skunk Cabbage The Kite Festival in Daimon
Kenkayama Specialty Things in Toyama
Track and Stations names in Toyama My Hometown Toide
Tourist attraction of JOHANA Festival in Takaoka
Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Fantastic City Oyabe
Festival in Oyabe Hiyoshi Jinjya
Japanese dialect about Toyama Nature and Life in Toyama
Toyama's Famous Events Mikurumayama
Beautiful town Fushiki Imizu Shrine
Gassho-Zukuri First about Tonami


Fukuoka Town

Fukuoka town is not a major tourist place like Kyoto. However the small town has friendly and cozy atmosphere. Please learn about our hometown.

Products of Fukuoka Town Hanami
Nature of Fukuoka Town A hat which is loved for a long time "sedge hat"
Tukurimon Festival Topics Nakatoh, Takita BookStore, U-Hall
U-Hall Fukuoka Town


Fukuoka Senior High School
Do you have interest in Japanese high school life? We show you our daily life and some events. If you are thinking to join student exchange program or JET program our information is useful.
Fukuoka High School Volleyball Club School rules
Let's do volunteer work!! In Fukuoka High School Interview with our principal
Explanation of English Seminar, Speech Contest, English Study Tour Events of Fukuoka High School
Vending machines Daily Life of English Course


Exchange Students

Two of us are international students. The Canadian student will give a view of the school from her prespective. The German student will introduce general information and his impressions of Fukuoka High School

Tina Miguel (in German)


From Teachers
ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) and Japanese teachers wrote their messages to you. The section includes information about the JET program.
Ms.Whitehouse Ms.Francy
Mr.Owen Ms.Yamauchi
Ms.Nakamura Mr.Iwase