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The Global Course Mission
Opening a new age of global citizens One class, 30 students


Nanto Fukumitsu High School is the only school in Toyama Prefecture to have established a full schedule of global course classes. In the global course, participation in literature learning and language acquisition are the core components of the humanities department (literature, foreign language, law, education, economics, business, society), with the objective of study being continuation onto a secondary school (university or junior college.)
Distinctive of this specialty course is the value of improving foreign language communication through various activities such as domestic study abroad and foreign study trips. It’s a program that has many opportunities for making friendly connections with partner schools and experiencing cultural exchange.
Furthermore, we strive for continuation to higher education and foreign language qualification.

  • Prepare for the Practical English Proficiency Exam (Eiken) with the goal of Grade 2!
  • Study the fundamentals of Chinese!
  • Varied specialty courses to foster an international perspective!
  • Receive support in your daily school life from an ALT!
  • A bounty of language training!
  • 1st years have an overnight study trip
  • 2nd years have an Australian home stay


1st Year Global Course Study Training




In their first year, FHS students go to British Hills in Fukushima prefecture for a study trip. At a training institution with beautiful British style buildings, students spend three days immersed in English. At British Hills they have to use English all the time, and in this way they become able to converse in English.


2nd year Global Course Study Training


In their second year, FHS students go to Australia for their study trip. This past year, the trip was from March 5th to the 16th. For that period, students did a homestay in Melbourne, a town with the beauty and style of an English-speaking country. They commuted to Buckley Park College.


Students connect with their host families, undergo cultural exchange with Buckley Park students, and personally experience different cultures. In addition, our students introduced Japanese cultural things such as origami and traditional games.
There were also a lot of Buckley Park College students who studied Japanese, so you could see scenes of mutual cooperation in using a new language.
(The following pictures are from Buckley Park College and the surrounding area.)


2011 Practical English Proficiency Certification (Eiken) Level  Pre-1 Eligibility (Passed!)


Note for readers: The Eiken exam, or STEP test, is a written and verbal examination that assesses the participant’s English ability. There are 7 levels, going from lowest to highest ability, from Grade 5-Grade 1 (with Pre-2 and Pre-1 levels.) To put this accomplishment in context, according to MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology) Pre-1 is the level that English Instructors are expected to pass.


In the 3rd Round of the Practical English Proficiency test of 2011, our school’s global course third year Mr. Nishio Takahari passed pre-1 grade with flying colors.
In the Global Course, starting in 1st year students practice for the Eiken in Computer LL class.
Mr. Nishio is preceded by four years by 2007 global course graduate Ms. Yasukawa Minori, becoming the second person in Fukumitsu HS to achieve this certification.
Eiken Pre-1 is a higher challenge than the one presented by University entrance exams. It has Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, English Composition, and Listening sections, the score of which must be at least70% to pass.
As for Pre-1, people who have achieved this level may receive preferential treatment during University entrance exams, certified college credit, favorable treatment on the examination for English teachers, ability to study abroad, and has wide use in various fields.


(Pictures, clockwise from top right: Shaking hands with the Principal after passing score is declared, Materials used to prepare for the exam, Mr. Nishino answering questions about studying English from junior students, Receiving thorough guidance from a gracious teacher.)


A Timeline of Fukumitsu HS


  • Opening Ceremony
  • Entrance Ceremony for New Students
  • New Student Welcome Ceremony
  • First Year Orientation
  • 3rd Year Assessment Tests
  • 1st Year Overnight Bonding Trip
  • Off-Campus Excursion (2nd and 3rd years)
  • Local Clean-Up
  • 3rd Year Assessment Tests
  • General PTA Meeting
  • 1st and 2nd year PTA Meeting
  • 3rd Year Career and University Information Meeting
  • Mid-term Exams
  • All High School Athletic Meet
  • All High School Athletic Meet
  • Sports Day
  • School Band Concert
  • 1st and 2nd year Assessment Tests
  • Australia Study Trip Information Meeting
  • “Let’s Make Our School Beautiful” Week
  • Summer Greeting for Cultivating Good Manners
  • Emergency Evacuation Dril
  • Term-End Exams
  • 1st year Sex Ed Lecture
  • Cheering for Fukumitsu at the Koshien Baseball Tournament Preliminaries
  • Summer Break Closing Ceremony
  • Parent and Guardian Meeting
  • University Visit Lecture
  • Open High School (Junior High students come and visit)
  • Floor Waxing
  • Volunteer Reading
  • Inter High School Athletics
  • University Open Campus Visit (2nd year students)
  • Fukumitsu Alumnae Reunion
  • National High School Culture Festival
  • Cultural Exchange with Keizan High School (China)
  • Summer Internship Program (2nd year students)
  • Volunteer Reading
  • Homework Tests (1st, 2nd year students)
  • Assessment Tests (3rd year students)
  • Fall Term Opening Ceremony
  • Career Support Seminar
  • Buckley Park College Student Study Trip to Fukumitsu
  • Art Appreciation Association Gathering
  • Fukumitsu HS Culture Festival and Chorus Contest
  • Foreign Language Exposure: Overnight British Hills Trip (1st year Global Course students)
  • Local Clean-Up
  • Drug-Free Classroom Campaign
  • PTA Meeting: Future Career and Education Explanation (1st and 2nd years)
  • Mid-term Exams
  • Emergency Evacuation Drill
  • Culture Lecture
  • Fall Greeting for Cultivating Good Manners
  • PTA Meeting: Considering Universities


  • Toyama Prefecture High School Culture Festival
  • Assessment Tests (1st, 2nd year students)
  • Local Clean-Up Activity
  • School Cleaning Contest


  • Local Culture Lecture
  • Business Lecture (1st, 2nd year studnets)
  • Exhibition by Art Club students
  • Food Lecture (2nd year students)
  • Open Campus Experience at Polytechnic University
  • Kendo Competition (Male students)
  • Original Dance Performance (Female students)
  • Parent and Guardian Meeting
  • Winter Break Closing Ceremony


  • Opening Ceremony
  • Entrance Ceremony for New Students
  • New Student Welcome Ceremony
  • First Year Orientation
  • 3rd Year Assessment Tests
  • 1st Year Overnight Bonding Trip
  • Off-Campus Excursion (2nd and 3rd years)
  • Local Clean-Up


  • Assessment Tests (1st, 2nd years)
  • Graduation Research Topic Presentation
  • End of Year exams
  • Floor Waxing


  • Graduation
  • Alumnae Society Initiation Meeting
  • Graduates Send-Off
  • Australia Study Abroad Trip (2nd year global course students)
  • Seminar with Fukumitsu Graduates
  • Spring Break Closing Ceremony

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